april 14th


if you think it feels  pretty bad
to    mean  very            little to
someone  then you should try
meaning  nothing  to anybody
you     should      try     pulling
yourself  out  of bed   already
drunk    with   the   knowledge
that      you        were the star
of nobody’s   romantic  dream

my heart beats
with two     little
thuds     like   it
knows  i’m   too
young   to  feel
so very    alone

facebook, 12:23 am

i am wine drunk, fatigued and miserable

and as my eyes stay trained on the screen

there is nothing you have done in your whole life that makes me angrier 

than not being on facebook at 12:23 am


i would rather be

laid down to rest in an angry seafloor bed

cut up by rocks and tossed by waves,

sleeping with the fishes —

but instead

i am awake

dreaming of sleeping with you